Mandy McEwen Launches New Testimonials Page

September 28, 2021 - 2 minutes read - LinkedIn, Personal Branding, Testimonials

Want to build trust with strangers?

Let your customers do the talking.

There’s nothing more powerful than social proof.

Which is exactly why I invested in a brand new testimonials page specifically for my personal brand.

I’m excited it’s live and would love to know your thoughts.

I’m so grateful to work with and influence so many incredible professionals.

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Thank you to everyone who has left me a review, nice comment, or lovely message.

I appreciate all of them, always.

Special S/O and thank you to everyone on my gorgeous new testimonials page.

Including the superstars at the top:

Carla Johnson

Larry Kim

Joe Arrigo

Michelle Lighton

Katie Martell

Tip: Always be mindful of opportunities for testimonials.

Clients aren’t your only source of social proof.

Your colleagues, podcast hosts, collaboration partners, audiences/event planners from speaking engagements – there are endless sources to acquire social proof.

Most people are more than willing to leave you a nice review.

If you’ve been in your career for a bit and you don’t have loads of social proof…

You’re not asking for it enough.


You may need to reconsider your profession.

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So start asking for them!

And bonus points if you ask them to leave you a review on your LinkedIn profile as a recommendation.

Don’t forget to check out my new “social proof” page and let me know your thoughts.

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