What Marketing Data You Must Track on Your Website

What Marketing Data You Must Track on Your Website [Contributed Blog]

July 9, 2019 - 7 minutes read - Analytics, Contributed Posts, Marketing Tools, Marketing Your Business Online


The online marketing industry is the cornerstone of the entire web business community with some companies even investing the third of their overall marketing budget on the development of new marketing technologies. Websites hold valuable data that companies can utilize to upgrade future marketing endeavors. The more information companies gather, the greater the chances to implement an effective marketing strategy.

A significant sum of information necessary for a successful marketing campaign is available within a website’s analytics; it’s just a matter of determining which data is the most useful for your business. Let’s take a look and see which data is the most useful for the growth of your business.

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Make use of Google Analytics

As we already mentioned, your website is an ever-expanding pool of information that you can use for the benefit of your business success. Google Analytics is a tool that allows you to keep track of all sorts of data concerning your visitors, the activities related to your website, overall website performance, and other categories of website data. Combining the famous Google’s analytics tool with a powerful rank tracker by Sitechecker.pro can help you build up your marketing potential beyond all expectations.

But let’s cut to the chase and reveal the most important data that you just have to keep track of.

Site Checker

Information regarding website visitors

Your website exists to attract people and bring them closer to your business. It’s important to keep track of the number of visitors that your page gathers over a certain course of time so you can learn what brings the people to you. Follow the source of visits because that information should let you know what content brings the most visitors, and which doesn’t do the job properly.

Moreover, pay attention to spikes, both low and high, because you want to know what causes such a sudden change in website traffic. All of this information helps you create content that brings people to your website, and also keeps you informed where you want to publish your content as well as which platforms you should avoid.

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Bounce rate

How tdo you track a website content that keeps the people interested in spending more time browsing through your online presence? The answer is rather simple; pay attention to your bounce rate. Bounce rate is a type of data that allows you to understand which kind of content keeps the people interested, as well as let you in on which segments of your website need fixing. Furthermore, you can even track the sources that cause the highest bounce rate, so you can bring your attention to more useful sources of traffic.

Your bounce rate is not only affected by visitors closing their browser or going back to the previous website; the outbound links that you might place within your content can also add up to overall bounce rate, so make sure to inspect the root cause of every bit of information you collect.

Average time on page

Similar to the bounce rate, this information allows you to see how much time a user spends on your website. It’s important to keep in mind that not all platforms will show the same results with a different type of content. While Instagram can send thousands of mobile users that enjoy image content, it’s difficult to expect a high average time if the bulk of your website is textual content-oriented.

Call to action click through rate

Call to action or CTA could be a button that leads your visitors to a product that’s currently on sale, subscribe to your mailing list, upload a piece of content for a competition you organized, or basically anything you wish. The number of people that click on a certain type of CTA button allows you to realize some mistakes, even inspire you to improve the button’s design features, positioning, and clarity (maybe the people aren’t certain about what happens once they click on the button.

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Conversion rate

Ever wondered how to get data from a website that would enable you to keep track of the number of people that you converted from visitors to subscribers, prospects, or even customers? The conversion rate is of the utmost importance for your business because the whole point is to convert visitors to clients. Keep an eye out for sources that drive the most conversions and keep pushing on it as long as it works.


In order to reach out to your target audience, you need to understand it first. You have to learn what your audience likes, what they don’t like, where they come from, as well as when their activity peaks.

By keeping track of all the necessary data, we can perform a cost-effective marketing strategy and learn more about our strong points and weak spots.

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