Make Your Marketing Strategy Stand Out By Humanizing Your Brand

November 2, 2020 - 1 minute read - B2B, Branding, Marketing Strategy

Marketing gets such a bad rep.


Because historically, marketers have left a bad taste in consumers’ mouths. 

Not to mention, everyone and their dog can claim to be a “marketer” despite having zero experience. 

Here’s the deal…

Great marketing should NOT feel like marketing.

The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

Watch this video from one of my #LinkedInLive sessions where I share what marketing SHOULD feel like and how you can accomplish that.

It’s actually EASIER to “market” this way than the traditional old school marketing.

Easier, authentic, and 100X more effective. 

Watch the video below to learn why humanizing your brand is key to all of your marketing efforts.

This clip is from my LinkedIn Live series, Ambitious Outcomes.

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