Online Marketing: Outsourcing Vs Insourcing

September 20, 2012 - 4 minutes read - Blog, Mod Marketing
We all reach that moment where we desperately need a new hairstyle, a new outfit, a new car, or a home renovation to feel fresh again. There is an unending quest to re-invent ourselves and express who we are in external ways. The same is true for corporations. From time to time, a rebrand and fresh marketing plan is in order. Yet, this uncharted territory can be a little scary, too. After all, you want to have a say in the new design and have the new branding effort truly reflect your current business.

Should You Do A Company Rebrand and Online Marketing In-House?

For this reason, some companies decide to hire new personnel and do all the rebranding in-house. This typically entails hiring a web designer, a graphic designer, a social media expert, a blogger, a PR person, a search engine optimization professional, a photographer, a videographer, an analytics expert, and support personnel. A few companies may try to limp by, ordering a few of the existing workers to just “add the task” to their agendas. However, this approach will not yield professional or competitive results… which really defeats the whole purpose of rebranding in the first place!

Should You Outsource Your Rebranding  and Online Marketing Work?

Outsourcing is daunting to some executives because it involves trusting someone else to get the corporate vision just right. Yet, the results are truly remarkable when you find someone who meshes well with you… someone who really “gets” it. Mod Girl Marketing has helped dozens of businesses find better brand presence online. Best of all, they saved a tremendous sum of money while doing so! Check out this chart comparing the costs of working with Mod Girl Marketing, versus hiring your own employees to manage your brand presence online…

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Why Mod Girl Marketing Outsourcing Is Different:

At Mod Girl Marketing, our clients’ satisfaction is our #1 goal. We have worked with a variety of different businesses over the years and have been able to create, manage, and implement custom campaigns for all of them. Every company is different and every company has different requests. A popular request from our larger, corporate clients is to have Mod Girl Marketing act as their in-house marketing department. For these clients we do just that – we create a dedicated team of specialists to increase brand awareness and exposure for these clients, all without the “Mod Girl Marketing” attached to these campaigns. You won’t see our name anywhere on their web properties and you won’t see their names anywhere on our website. We have exclusive agreements with these companies and for good reasons – they don’t want their competitors knowing how much they are saving on marketing every month by “outsourcing” to a successful, results-driven company!

The Bottom Line:

It can be terribly costly to invest in the hiring, training and benefits of new personnel. Even if you run a large corporation that grosses billions of dollars each year, why not save a cool million and invest in more web copy, more TV ads, more festival sponsorships, or more mobile marketing? Mod Girl Marketing offers award-winning customer service and a track record of satisfied customers.

Let Mod Girl Marketing save you money, while providing you with the extra manpower to rebrand your company in the most competitive and professional way possible!
Contact Mod Girl Marketing today for customized recommendations for your business.
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Mandy McEwen is the Founder and CEO of Mod Girl Marketing.

As a renowned content creator, speaker, and trainer, Mandy has been named a Top 24 B2B Marketer by LinkedIn, a Top 12 SEO Expert by Search Engine Journal, and a Top 20 Female Marketer by G2. She’s the creator of 8+ marketing courses and founder of an Inc-rated Facebook group.

Mandy and her team at Mod Girl® partner with ambitious companies to increase brand exposure and revenue through the power of LinkedIn and humanized content marketing.