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September 11, 2012 - 4 minutes read - Blog, Blog Creation, Blogging

Did you know over 100,000 new WordPress blogs are started each day? That’s a growing testament to the perceived importance of blogs. Yet, it’s also all the more reason why you’ll need a more comprehensive strategy to make sure YOUR website stands out from the masses! The last thing you want is for your precious site to get buried by the competition!

So just how does Mod Girl Marketing ensure that you make it to the top of Google’s results?

Well, there are several factor when starting a business blog:

1. Design

We’ll design your website to be a mirror image of your original site to maintain brand continuity. Sometimes clients would like to take a different direction for their blog — and that’s okay too! We can bring elements from a Facebook or Twitter page over into your blog for a streamlined feel or we could choose a complimentary aesthetic. Simply put, no one wants to read a blog that does not have a professional layout.

2. Back-End SEO

Contrary to what some people say, SEO is most certainly NOT dead! Google does change their algorithms frequently, which keeps SEO experts like us on our toes. However, there are still tested, tried and true old-school tactics that matter. For instance, you must have clean code if you want your site crawled. You must have meta-tags filled in and photos properly coded for Google Image Searches.  You need a good design layout and you must remove all duplicate copy.

3. Expert Writing

The caliber of the writing on your blog is most important for attracting traffic AND conversions. Google is punishing sites that just rehash the same old, tired content again and again. They’re banishing people who try to game the system with garbage content that doesn’t make sense. You can’t expect to grow your fan base if your copy is full of spelling and grammatical errors. Wouldn’t you rather have well-researched, relevant content on your site?

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See What People Are Saying About Mod Girl Bloggers!

Our new website design launched over the weekend. Not only are the colors warmer and more vibrant (to match our sociable nature), but we also really wanted to show people what we’re all about and what our past clients were saying about us.

For example, Jan Lewczenko of Crystal Artistry explained why he first sought help for his online presence: “We are a niche market, catering to a high-end clientele and we were having difficulties that all small businesses have — visibility in a highly competitive and ever-evolving online environment.”

He explains that his business was completely invisible to search engines and he hadn’t received a single online order in over 2 years. After enlisting help from Mod Girl Marketing, he made it to over 20 first page rankings on Google in less than 6 months! Best of all, people he’d never met were asking him for quotes and moving toward a sale! All of this was achieved from the Mod Girl team creating a top-noch business blog and ongoing blog content.

“The Mod Girl copywriters are absolutely fantastic and created blog copy that is not just blatantly SEO-packed garbage,” Jan explains. “It is insightful, informative, and we actually send our potential clients there for more information. The blog has become an integral part of our online marketing arsenal.”

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So, if you’re contemplating a new business blog…
CONTACT MOD GIRL MARKETING to see what we can do to boost your visibility!
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