5 Promotional Apparel Styles & Custom Logo Ideas [Contributed Blog]

February 17, 2020 - 7 minutes read - Branding, Contributed Posts

If your company is launching a brand new product or having a sports festival, or a summer outing, wearing promotional apparel with an amazing logo is a good idea.  While some people settle for the usual polo shirts with a logo, there are a host of other styles to promote your company. By thinking out of the box, you can surely capture the imagination of your audience.  Of course, you would only want the best and the most exciting promotional apparel styles and logos that you and the rest of the employees can and will actually wear, so here are some of the ideas that will continue to rise above the rest for this year.

Highline Polo Shirts

Always popular promotional apparel because of its classic design, the Highline polo shirts are a cost-effective marketing tool that does not feel like one.  It is so stylish and comfortable, you would even want to wear it outside the office environment. Wear it for your after-work activities, for sports activities, or simply going out for a walk.

These polo shirts are also a precious marketing tool.  With your custom logo in place, wear your brand wherever you go.  It can also be given as a promotional giveaway for exhibits, trade shows, and expositions.  Polo shirts are meant to maintain brand consciousness for consumers that come in contact with what you are selling, so take full advantage of it.  

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Maui Shirts

Why not simulate a vacation vibe in the workplace? It would be great to have a Hawaiian-themed corporate event once in a while.  Or for your once-a-week wash days. This is also great for employees in restaurants, bars, hotels, resorts, and giveaways for conference attendees.  

Maui shirts are incredibly eye-catching.  Whereas polo shirts bring a certain formality and a business-like atmosphere, Maui shirts bring a fun vibe to any company events which can also bring in positive attention and plenty of eyeballs.  If you are in a trade show, this will bring in more human traffic to your company’s booth.  

Laser Cut Patches

Still remaining among the hottest trends in logo apparel, laser-cut patches are patches that were specially made using a laser cut machine.  The end result differs as there are many types of fabrics you can use it on, but it is always an exact and clean mark. As customer demand for increasingly complicated logos rises, patch companies have invested in laser-cut machines to make logos that would otherwise be impossible if they simply used their hands.  The results are worth it and laser-cut patches always catch the interest of audiences. Usually, laser patches are used for full-chest logos, but now it is also being used for a left-chest sized patch designs for jackets, outerwear, or fleece. Special decorative placements like large left or right chest or large verticals can be used to catch more attention to your logos and bring higher value to your branding and marketing needs. 

Lasers cut the fabric, then directly embroidered to permanently adhere it to the garment and stitch the logo or brand name.  Laser-cut patches can be cut in any shape. It does not matter if you want it simple or complex; from simple shapes like circle, square, rectangle, or oval, to a hexagon, crescent, pentagon, and so much more.  The most commonly used materials for these patches are cotton, felt, or twill.  

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Craft Stitch Embroidery

Once again, embroidery is cool.  It seems like embroidery always finds itself in and out of style, and now it is back and it may have been long overdue.  One constrained to mom’s sewing machine, it is now a dominant fixture in the fashion industry. Craft-stitch embroidery is a popular consumer trend that is seen to continue this year.  It is popular in retail graphics and is another way of promoting your brand while being cost-effective. The font looks like it was embroidered by hand, which gives off the impression that the apparel was made especially for you.  This technique can be done utilizing many different colors, but a neutral color will appear more natural. It also gives that hand-stitched look.   

Certainly miles apart from your mom’s embroidery, craft stitch embroidery presents a unique experience for both the wearer and the audience.  It is an absolute head-turner, and for this reason it is a valuable marketing tool. Even if you already are implementing a marketing strategy, using an embroidered shirt utilizing craft stitching is a classic and unique channel to make your brand known.    

Single Piece Decoration

The capacity to fulfill single piece decoration continues to be a top business need among many companies.  Many companies like Bladon WA offer single piece decoration with the following types: embroidery, digital printing, laser etching, and heat transfer.  

You can use one or a combination of these ideas for your branding and advertising needs.  They are all tried and tested, all you have to do is pick one that fits your needs.

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