4 Signs That Show You’re Boss Material

November 10, 2020 - 4 minutes read - Business Management, Contributed Posts

Being a boss is a dream of most people in the workforce. Even if the reality isn’t as rosy as the image in your head, you still get to be in charge, which means you have the power to make decisions. Plus, the money you make goes in your pocket, not somebody else’s, and that’s always a bonus.

Still, whether you aim for a promotion or try and go it alone with a startup, it can be tough to have the confidence unless you see the signs. If you haven’t yet, it doesn’t mean you’re not boss material. It just means you haven’t looked hard enough!

You’ve Done It Before

Sure, it might not have been on a corporate level, as a CEO, but it’s an invaluable experience. Driving is the perfect example. If you don’t analyze thoroughly, you might think it’s a menial job. However, when you understand that you control your own workflow, pick and choose the jobs, and rank them accordingly, you begin to see patterns with leaders. Alternatively, running a successful project is also an excellent experience as you get to organize and prepare the different variables in a fast-paced environment. Plus, it improves ties with your coworkers, which is pivotal.

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People Like You

The driving factor behind why you need to be liked is that coworkers impact promotion hopes. There’s an assumption that the management chooses an applicant from the list based on their skills, yet this isn’t true. Usually, managers speak to their team as they want to understand the person’s character, and if the reviews aren’t positive, you can kiss your promotion goodbye. For entrepreneurs and the self-employed, you won’t encourage clients and customers to remain loyal or to commit for the long-term if you’re disliked. People prefer to work with others whose company they enjoy since life is too short.

You’re More Qualified

It shouldn’t happen, but it does – some people are more qualified than their bosses. This doesn’t mean you have a master’s or Ph.D. and they only have an undergraduate degree because college isn’t everything. For instance, they could have a wealth of knowledge based on their years of experience. However, if you tick all the boxes and they don’t, you could be in line for a promotion. The trick is to stay calm and avoid resentment. The more you force the issue, the more desperate you appear, and the more likely you’ll burn bridges.

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It’s About More Than Money

Money makes the world go around, so there’s no shame in admitting that you want more of it. Everybody does. Still, it should never be a manager’s or leader’s prime goal in life. The best bosses lead by example, and they do it by highlighting the fun and excitement in learning about new topics, including themselves, and seeing the potential in everyone. Your salary reflects your standing, but your reputation is based on your ethics and morals. And your ability.

Are any of these signs familiar? If they are, it might be time to branch out.

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