Why You Need Social Selling On Your 2024 Sales Kickoff Agenda

November 10, 2023 - 2 minutes read - LinkedIn, Sales, Social Selling, Speaker

Is social selling part of your 2024 Sales Kickoff agenda?

If not, here are 5 data-backed reasons why it should be:

① 98% of B2B enterprises see value in social selling, but only 49% of them have developed social selling programs. (anthonyBarnum)

It’s crucial that your team invest in social selling NOW so they can reap the benefits in the upcoming year.

② Companies with formalized social selling processes are 40% more likely to hit revenue goals. (Sales for Life)

Social selling isn’t complicated…as long as you have the right strategy in place.

③ Social sellers have a larger volume of new customers (65% vs 47%) and better customer conversion (46% vs 31%) compared to those who are not using social media for sales. (HubSpot)

Social selling is no longer a nice to have for companies, it’s a must-have.

④ 96% of business professionals would be more inclined to buy products or services from businesses whose sales professionals understand the needs fo their business. (LinkedIn)

People do business with people they like, plain and simple.

⑤ 75% of B2B buyers and 84% of C-level executives are influenced by social media when making purchasing decisions. (IDC)

Social media isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it’s one of the top driving forces for your business.

So if social selling isn’t a part of your SKO agenda, you’re already a few steps behind.

And it just so happens that I know a girl who’s a top-rated, entertaining speaker who can kick your team into high gear.

“I hired Mandy to educate and train our inside and outside sales team on how to adjust their sales approach and how to more effectively use LinkedIn to target and engage prospects. Since that session at SKO the sales team is off to its bes since the pandemic.” – Marc Schroeder, Head of Marketing, Comdata

Are you ready to make social selling a priority and dominate your market? Reach out and we can chat.

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