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June 26, 2020 - 9 minutes read - Blogging, Contributed Posts

Starting a blog can represent an overwhelming venture, but it has never been easier to set up your first site. It is only when it is finally live that you will have to start thinking about how to drive traffic to it. Visibility is essential to ensure that your products, brand, and business reaches out to an increasing number of users. However, with such fierce competition out there, it can be challenging to stand out. Read on to start building a visibility strategy that can help you take your blog off the ground!

Select the Right Backlink Strategy for You

Backlinking is at the core of a well-crafted visibility strategy. It can help you increase the authority of your domain and rank higher in Google if done well. There are several ways to start building your backlink strategy, but you should not expect to see immediate results without implementing other procedures at the same time. 

Guest posting, commenting, liking, and sending emails constitute the main pillars of backlinking. However, when designing your blog posts, there is a little more to ensure that other bloggers and sites will link to yours. One of the most successful ones is to insert some “pillar” blog posts in your collection. These are huge (5,000+ words), comprehensive posts that cover an entire subject. Other sites are likely to use it as a reference, therefore linking back to it.

Establish a Presence on Different Social Media Platforms

If you feel like you are not cut out to thrive in one of the many social media platforms out there today, you are not the only ones. Of course, each blogger will feel more comfortable with something they are familiar with. Anybody who loves photography will prefer Instagram and Pinterest over others, while writers might do better on Facebook or Twitter. However, establishing a presence in different channels is essential to reach a broader audience than you would not be able to tap into otherwise. 

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Additionally, this strategy allows you to increase your influence and grow your business over time. While you might not be able to see immediate results, social media platforms can help you drive more traffic to your website.

Leverage the Power of Instagram

Instagram, in particular, is becoming an essential tool for small and growing businesses. Business accounts allow you to see who your audience is, which is essential to crafting a marketing strategy that resonates with their needs and preferences. While managing your account on this platform can seem intimidating, some online tools and agencies can help you in this task. These services will help you manage likes, posting, and hashtags for you – so you can focus solely on content creation. 

Additionally, if you are unsure about which one is right for you, you should check out the most comprehensive of Kicksta reviews here.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of SEO

SEO is part of a mindful digital marketing strategy that can help you increase the traffic to your blog. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, best practices allow your posts to rank higher in Google, increasing your visibility across the web. Using the right keywords in an article is part of any SEO strategy, but you should go beyond this. Ensure that your content is packed with valuable information for your readers and that you will spend time crafting the perfect headline

Create Content That Resonates With Your Brand

Creating content is arguably the most important aspect of an efficient digital marketing strategy for your blog. The number of websites on the Internet is continually increasing, and readers can choose among several more options than in the past. Creating content that is valuable, useful, and thoroughly researched is crucial to increase your domain authority. But even more importantly, this type of content will allow you to keep your users reading. If you can also include the option of subscribing for a newsletter, you are likely to see your traffic increase steadily! 

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Have a Long-Term and Short-Term Strategy

A successful blog can be particularly successful and, even if you are not using it to support a business, it can represent a steady stream of income. However, the blogs that make it to this point are not near as much as the ones in existence. This can be due to a too-high competition, poor content, or outdated information. More commonly, this is due to poor management and strategy design. Since you should not expect to see the profits you wish for a few months or years since you have started the blog, you should have two plans in mind, a short-term and long-term strategy

Regarding the short-term one, it can help you win over the first followers and fans, which will then help you create a solid audience base. From here, you can learn what they wish to see, read, and start building a more precise type of content. Then, once your blog has starters to take off, it is time to implement phase 2. Here is when you might decide to branch out into other products or aspects in the sector.

Make Your Blog Easy to Navigate

It is not likely for a visitor or reader to remain on your page for long periods, and people tend to move onto another site if yours is difficult to navigate. Moreover, you should consider suggesting to your audience what the next step should be. You can do so by adding another relevant blog post below or on the side of the one they are currently reading. This simple strategy will encourage them to stay longer on a site, increasing your blog’s authority and trust.

Use a Call to Action

Newsletters, subscriptions, free trials… there are endless opportunities if you wish to include a call to action on your website. Don’t let your users search for the box to insert their email, make sure it is readily available shortly after they have shown interest in your site. Simple call-to-action buttons can increase your customer engagement and allow you to communicate directly with your audience. 

Bottom Line

Working to get your blog off the ground can be particularly energy-consuming, especially if you are not sure where to start. Above, we have seen just some of the best strategies to drive traffic to your site. Feel free to explore the different combinations by yourself and find the one that works best for you.

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