Your Videos Need To Be Everywhere Here’s Why

December 29, 2023 - 1 minute read - Content Strategy, LinkedIn, Personal Branding

LinkedIn isn’t the only game in town.

Yes, it’s the best game in town for B2B.


I’m a LinkedIn trainer. I help sales and marketing teams crush it on LinkedIn every day.

And yes, your focus SHOULD 100% be LinkedIn.


That video content you’re posting?

It needs to be everywhere.

✔️ YouTube

✔️ TikTok

✔️ Instagram

✔️ Twitter

✔️ Facebook

✔️ Your Website

✔️ Your Blog

B2B professionals are everywhere. Lead opportunities are everywhere.

Which means your videos need to be everywhere.

That’s how you build a powerful brand.

That’s how you generate exposure.

That’s how you land more conversions.

That’s how you maximize your effort and budget.

Focus on LinkedIn first.

Then, post on the other channels.

You’re already going through the effort of making the videos.

Why not spend an extra 20 minutes formatting the videos and posts for the rest?

It’s just smart marketing.

Send me a message if you want to learn how we are helping teams increase their exposure through video content.

Let me know — are you a LinkedIn-only person or do you post on other channels as well?

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