Why Facebook Brand Management Is A MUST!

August 8, 2012 - 4 minutes read - Blog, Social Media

Most major brands are on Facebook these days, but that number is dropping, says a recent report. According to July 2012 data, only 90 of the world’s top brands have Facebook pages. Eight months ago, 93 brands were on Facebook. Furthermore, a third of the top brands on Facebook have fewer than 500,000 friends — which is rather sad, when you think that Lady Gaga has over 53 million “likes.”

Facebook Presence Matters.

Companies big and small need to be where consumers are. If they’re not continuously branding themselves and starting the conversations, others will step into the void — and they might not always have good things to say, as we previously reported. Facebook (and other players like Twitter and Pinterest) are excellent forums for re-purposing the content your business creates. Yet, how many Facebook pages are put up and left unattended?

Newsflash: You Are Responsible For What Is Posted On Your Page!

Most brands keep an eye on their Facebook pages to ensure that spam messages, racism and hate speech does not appear on their pages. Recently, the Advertising Standards Board ruled that all posts made on Smirnoff Vodka’s Facebook page constitute as “advertising,” whether they were made by the company — or one of their fans. Therefore, they said, the posts on a Facebook page must comply with advertising legislation.

So what does this mean for you?

1. No false claims about your products can be posted.

2.  No racist or sexist language can be posted.

3. No libelous statements can be made on your page.

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4. Depending on what you are selling, you may not be able to market to other countries on your page. (Ex: medication)

5. All FTC guidelines must be upheld — whether you are posting or someone else is!

So, for example, if a user on the Smirnoff page wrote, “This is the purest Russian vodka!” — the company would get in trouble for false advertising, as their product is made in Australia. Similarly, they would have to remove a user post that declared, “Smirnoff helps me get lucky with the ladies!” — because there is no evidence to substantiate this fanciful claim.

Do You Have The Time To Manage Your Facebook Page Properly?

Facebook brand management is essential to avoid any of these legal headaches. Mod Girl Marketing can assume responsibility for maintaining a healthy, productive social media page for your business. We’ll work with you to create specific objectives to improve your bottom line and engage your fans. We’ll tie together your search engine optimization, marketing campaigns, video marketing, and blogging strategies to improve the buzz surrounding your brand. We’ll monitor your page to ensure that all information complies with the law and portrays your business in a positive light. If you are going to have a social media presence, why not go all the way and do it right?

Contact us for more details on social media brand management!
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