Should I Invest in Window Decal Marketing for My Business?

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Some businesses may get stuck focusing all their advertising efforts on high-tech online marketing. While these advertising channels are useful, it’s essential to avoid overlooking effective and easy-to-implement offline marketing techniques — like window decal marketing — that can capture more customers and improve a brand’s reach.

Window decals are stickers you can place on flat and smooth surfaces, like windows. You can use these decals for a range of purposes. Most often, they’re used for marketing a company — showing off the logo, demonstrating the products it sells, and communicating business info — on storefront and vehicle windows.

These are the advantages of window decal marketing, plus some tips you can use to make your decal marketing highly cost-effective.

What Can Window Decals Do?

Window decals are an excellent tool for communicating almost any piece of information about your business. Have a new product you’re rolling out? A sticker in your storefront window can entice new customers or show existing shoppers that you’ve changed up your stock. Rather than wondering what kind of products your store might be selling, buyers can see a real example.

Simple vinyl lettering that lists the store name, hours, phone number, or other information can also help customers who are unsure about when your business is open or how they can reach you to ask a question. They can also help you turn foot traffic into brand awareness — as customers walk by, they’ll see your business’s name and logo, rather than a blank window.

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These decals can also help you advertise your business via vehicle windows. If your company has a fleet of work cars or trucks, you can turn their windows into a little extra advertising real estate. Even if a customer doesn’t commit your company to memory right away, seeing your business’s name out in the world is a great way to build brand recognition with them.

Benefits of Using Window Decals for Marketing

If you have an empty storefront window or wall, a decal is one of the best ways to take advantage of that space. 

Decals are also easier to transfer than other window marketing materials, like stickers. If you plan to be in a location only for a small amount of time, or you want to shift around what you’re advertising, decals can be a valuable option.

Simple window decals are also a great way to build brand awareness. With the right sticker, you’ll have another place to help you establish your logo, colors, and other elements of your business’s identity. Having a strong brand can yield some serious benefits for your company — and a well-placed vinyl logo lets you turn windows into another chance to solidify your identity.

Tips and Tricks for Cost-Effective Window Decal Marketing

If you want to start using window decals, there are some tips and tricks you can use to reduce printing costs and improve their effectiveness.

For example, you can print vinyl decals in-house and cut them yourself with a machine like a Cricut cutter. If you decide to use this approach, be sure to research the different cutters first. Some more advanced models are better for working with thicker materials or offer faster cutting.

When deciding which decals to print, begin with those that communicate the most critical information and will receive the most attention. A high-traffic storefront window, for example, is an incredible location for decals that show off store name, logo, hours, and the kinds of products or services you offer.

Information that will always be relevant is a good option. Unless you plan on a rebrand soon, adding a large set of decals with your company’s name and logo is a great place to begin with decal marketing.

Avoid decals for short promotions you don’t plan on running again. Instead, focus on printing materials that market products and services you plan on always offering or seasonal promotions you’ll want to advertise again in the future.

For recurring promotions or advertisements, you may want to consider static cling decals instead of stickers. These decals attach to a surface by suction rather than an adhesive and are easier to remove and reuse.

Getting the Most Attention Possible on Your Decals

When deciding where to place decals, consider how many people will likely see them. You can quickly estimate outside foot traffic for available windows with a quick observational study. A few times a day, count the number of customers who pass by each of your business’s windows. You may also be able to use visual data from personal security cameras or traffic cams for these estimates. 

There are also a few software tools that will help you capture and estimate foot traffic data, but these are mostly aimed at larger businesses, like grocery stores and malls.

Once you have a rough idea of the foot traffic around your store, you can prioritize windows that see the highest traffic. For example, a corner store may find that their west-facing windows see significantly more traffic than their south-facing ones. That store could focus on printing vinyl for the west windows first, ensuring maximum ad visibility.

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How Window Decals Can Help Boost Your Business

Decals are a simple but powerful tool for businesses that want to improve their storefront marketing and build brand recognition. Customers who pass by your store will likely notice any window stickers or clings you have posted — allowing you to promote a new product or show off your business’s name and logo.

You can also cut down on printing costs by bringing printing in-house. With the right printer and decal cutter, you can significantly reduce the costs of decal printing, especially if you plan to create a significant number of them over time. 

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