Why Sticking To The Basics On LinkedIn Pays Off

November 24, 2023 - 1 minute read - LinkedIn Strategy, LinkedIn Tips, LinkedIn Training

Please stop chasing the algorithm.

Instead, go back to the basics and do these 3 things.

1. Optimize your profile. A boring profile won’t get you anywhere.

2. Find and engage with your people. Leave comments, like posts, build relationships.

3. Post compelling, valuable content.

You can’t do #3 without doing #1 and #2.

Leveling up your LI presence should be a top priority.

So why are 90% of people not doing it?

They aren’t focusing on the basics.

These 3 things above are easy wins for your team.

They’ll see more connections, more conversations, and more conversions.

I explain more in this video.

I’m offering LinkedIn profile reviews for teams who are ready to take their presence to the next level. Send me a message to learn more.

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