5 Creative Giveaways That Leave a Lasting Impression

February 6, 2020 - 5 minutes read - Business Branding, Contributed Posts

Did you know that 83% of consumers crave promotional products?

If the majority of consumers cherish them, you need to ensure your company is satisfying this craving. The secret is to pick promotional items that will not end up in the trash—the kind that will provide value, leave a lasting impression in the eyes of your customers. It’s also important to pick a category of products you can actually sell and be sure that there is a demand for them.

But with the universe of giveaway options available in the market today, choosing a promotional item that is unique and creative can be a daunting task. Luckily, our top 5 promotional products list showcases the most creative, yet affordable promotional giveaways to try out in 2020. 

1. Drink Bottle

Staying hydrated during an event is key—and a reusable drink bottle can help. When it comes to promotional giveaways, nothing does it better than a customized drink bottle.

In your office, what are you most likely to find on all your employees’ desks? A drink bottle. Head to the gym, the same situation. On the roads, at a trade show, and in virtually any event, you’ll always see people carrying drink bottles to quench their thirst.

Better still, a drink bottle can be customized with your brand colors and theme to better represent your brand. And through the water bottle alone, your brand can reach more than 100 people per day, promoting your brand whenever it goes.

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2. Flashlight Key Chains

While some of the popular promotional goodies are genuinely exciting, many are destined straight for the bin.

To escape this ‘unfruitful fate,’ you may want to give a promotional item that has more than one use, and a flashlight key chain fits the bill.

It’s not just a holder to keep your keys all together but also a handy light for when you get stuck in the dark. With flashlight key chains, you’re giving your customers a product that’s not only practical but functional as well, complete with your branding on it.

3. Promotional USB Drives

A promotional USB drive is the epitome of the 2016 promotional product trend that “Usefulness is Key.” In a 2016 ASICentral survey, 91% of recipients said they keep USB drives because they are useful. 

You can customize the USBs with a variety of different colors and materials to match your company’s branding. Tech-related giveaways are very popular in this digital age and must-haves promotional items for smart marketers.

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4. Branded Pens

It may seem like a simple item but a pen will never go out of style. Due to their ubiquitous nature and versatility of use, promotional pens have become the go-to choice for smart marketers.

Whether in the office, at home, or even on a plane, you’ll always find people jotting down notes, and this gives promotional pens an edge over other promotional products. Pens are also affordable and offer enough space to print your logo and brand message.

5. Sunglasses

Custom printed sunglasses have gained mega traction in the promotional products industry, accounting for a whopping 29% of all promotional product sales in 2012.

Give your customers this gift of swag that is not only affordable but stylish too. The good thing about sunglasses is that they are for everyone—young and old. And when you print your branding on the lens or arms, you create a fun way for everyone to recognize your brand.

What other creative promotional giveaways do you use to promote your brand? Share with us in the comments section below.

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