Personal Branding Steps You Don’t Want to Miss Right Now [Contributed Blog]

August 5, 2020 - 5 minutes read - Branding, Contributed Posts

As more skilled individuals explore opportunities in entrepreneurship and consulting, personal branding is more vital than ever. It’s your personal brand that will ultimately help you form a connection with potential customers and drive sales.

The world is continuously evolving. To survive in the changing tides, you’ll need to adapt and hone your approach. Here are some vital personal branding steps you won’t want to miss.

Claim a Google My Business Account for Your Local Business

Gaining web traffic and reviews is no longer a passive game. If you want to succeed in the modern business world, you must dedicate some time to optimizing your online presence for Google. 

Google My Business is a free account that gives you control over your online business listing, allowing you to update your contact information, business hours, etc. Investing time in Google My Business optimization is a must, as it impacts how you’re ranked in local searches. 

Take some time to claim your Google My Business page and optimize it to create consistency and accuracy.

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Craft Your Core Brand Values

Your brand and your business are two separate entities that come together to create something powerful. While your business consists of operations, sales, and administrative tasks, your brand is a conduit that personifies your business and sparks an emotional connection. 

To craft a personal brand that stands apart, you need to address your core brand values. For these to have merit, they should tie into your personal values. Ask yourself what matters to your brand and how you want to connect with people. What legacy do you hope to leave behind with your brand? The answers to these questions should be in alignment with your personal beliefs and those of your customers.

Build a Social Media Presence

When the internet first became a household staple, brands quickly learned that they needed a website to be relevant. Now, the same applies to social media. Customers are wary of people who don’t have a social media presence— especially in a consumer relationship.

Create social media accounts for the platforms that are most relevant to your offering. You don’t have to be on every page, but you should still claim the accounts. Create consistency across the board by using the same profile picture and bio information.

Go Live

Video marketing has been a powerful tool for businesses to connect with customers. Live videos take this connection to the next level for personal brands and give you a chance to interact and add value to your audience relationships.

Outline some topics that are relevant to your business and go live to share information, answer questions, and build a lasting connection.

Solve a Problem

Remember that your personal brand identity should be built around the idea that you’re solving a problem for someone else. This theory applies whether you’re starting your own business or trying to advance your career through traditional employment.

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 In the first scenario, you’re selling a solution to solve a problem for customers. In the latter, you are the solution and need to market your relevant skills to a potential employer. 

Search for Inspiration

There’s an old saying that tells us to ” eat the fish and spit out the bones when trying to learn something new. The adage is telling us to take in what other people are doing, adapt the concepts we enjoy, and leave behind the rest.

Look for influencers and branders that you feel a connection with. Ask yourself what it is that speaks to you and how you can take inspiration from them for your own brand.

Ask for Help

Finally, when in doubt, ask for help. Work with a personal branding specialist, designer, social media manager, etc. to bring your dream to life. The most successful entrepreneurs, business owners, and career climbers know when to ask for help and outsource their work.

With these tips, you can build a personal brand that inspires, connects, and creates a path toward achieving your goals.

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