How To Be Relevant With Your LinkedIn Content

December 22, 2021 - 1 minute read - LinkedIn Content, LinkedIn Content Strategy

Relevancy is key.

For the LinkedIn algorithm, but more importantly for your brand.

You can’t expect to keep an engaged audience if your content falls flat.

When I interviewed Heather Monahan back in March, she talked about how she creates relevant content, so her audience engages with it and wants to see more.

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From sharing her own personal stories to sharing tweets from others on LinkedIn, Heather reveals her tips on creating relevant, engaging content fast.

Check out this short clip above to hear her tips.

And if you are looking for additional inspiration from Heather, her latest book Overcome Your Villains is must-read.

It gives you her proven framework to help you stop spinning your wheels and start making things happen.

Interested in leveraging our team of expert LinkedIn strategists to create a customized content strategy?

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