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Real Estate Branding Agency – Should You Hire One?

April 16, 2014 - 4 minutes read - Blog, Business Branding, Infographic

Only about 3 percent of home buyers and 4 percent of sellers say they consider an agent’s association with a particular real estate brand to be an important factor in choosing a real estate agent, according to the most recent data from the National Association of Realtors. So what does that tell us?

Real estate marketing is about personal branding.

The internet levels the playing field for real estate agents to market themselves equally. They don’t  need to spend tremendous amounts of money on big billboards or newspaper ads anymore. Today’s most effective strategies center on blogging, social media, video marketing and email. It’s about reaching out to past clients and asking for referrals. It’s about creating content that will land in front of many viewers through social sharing. The bad news is that not every real estate agent has a limitless amount of time to put into these online endeavors. The benefit of aligning oneself with a particular firm is that the firm will do a lot of the marketing legwork. They also take hefty fees. Did you know that you can outsource real estate branding to a marketing agency for less than the cost of a franchise fee?

The benefits of hiring a real estate branding agency are many.

Mod Girl Marketing specializes in real estate branding for agencies. With our help you can:

– Develop an effective online marketing and branding strategy

– Capture valuable analytics data about your market, your clients, your website and your competition

– Design a website, blog and social media pages that capture a uniform appearance across the board

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– Generate and promote virtual home tours and marketing videos to deliver added information

– Create original content, including blogs, press releases, tweets, status updates and subscriber newsletters

– Manage social media inquiries and posting schedules to drive more leads and improve engagement

We offer flexible and specially tailored packages to give your real estate brand a boost, regardless of your needs.

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Buyers start shopping for homes online or on mobile devices.

We’ve known for years now that nearly all home buyers begin their searches online. In fact, the National Association of Realtors found that real estate searches on Google grew 253 percent over the past four years! Their report, The Digital House Hunt: Consumer and Market Trends in Real Estatefound that buyers rely on search engines and general websites to begin looking at houses. In the middle of their search, they begin using maps. Toward the end, they use mobile apps.

“Mobile devices are significantly changing the way people search for homes,” NAR reports. Nearly half of these mobile home shoppers used their phones to locate directions to homes for sale or to request more information on home features or real estate services. “Increasingly, online technologies are driving offline behaviors,” said Patrick Grandinetti, Google’s head of real estate.

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The Bottom Line:

Online marketing is a tall order to take on yourself. Mod Girl Marketing is a boutique agency that delivers personalized service, so you can think of us as a knowledgeable friend. Using advanced social media strategies, in addition to a hand-picked team of experienced copywriters and designers, we’ll free up more of your time to secure clients and close deals. We have been working with real estate agencies for years so we truly understand what it takes to create a user-friendly web presence that converts web traffic into clients! Contact us for a free quote on real estate branding.

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