How Simple SEO Can Help Control Your Brand Perception

November 12, 2021 - 3 minutes read - Branding, SEO, Testimonials

PSA: You have a brand.

It’s your name.

You need to control your brand perception.

Not just on LinkedIn. But everywhere.

Here are the exact steps I use to control my reputation in Google using SEO.

1. I signed up my name and my company names for Google and Buzzsumo alerts.

2. I Google my name at least once a month. I do this for these reasons:

To see if anything new comes up on the first 3 pages.

To see what new search term Google suggests.

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Google recently suggested a new term for me.

For some time it’s only been: “Mandy McEwen Instagram”

But recently, “Mandy McEwen reviews” started popping up.

When I first Googled it, a 3rd party website was showing up at the top.

I wasn’t super happy that my beautiful new testimonials page wasn’t ranked #1 for “Mandy McEwen reviews.”

So I did something about it.

The page title for my new page was “Mandy McEwen Testimonials.”

I changed it to “Mandy McEwen Reviews from Clients and Partners.”

Then, I added the “reviews” keyword a few times on the page.

After that, I went and hyperlinked “Mandy McEwen Reviews” on a few of my other websites, with a link back to my new testimonials page.

In other words, I created exact-match anchor text for the word I was wanting to rank (a backlink).

The on-page SEO tweaks took me about 90 seconds.

Adding the backlinks took me probably 7 minutes, with strategy.

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The results?

A featured snippet at the very top of Google (as pictured above).

And that is how you control your reputation in Google leveraging simple SEO.

You can do this for any brand term – your name, your business name, your product name, your event name, your book name, etc.

You can also leverage powerful 3rd party sites to help you control your brand search results as well.

If you have any tips for controlling your reputation and digital brand, leave them in the comments section below.

And check out some of my new testimonials above that are also featured on my beautiful new “Mandy McEwen Reviews” page.

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