Trouble Finding Legit SEO Company Reviews?

November 13, 2012 - 4 minutes read - Blog, Search Marketing, SEO

Have you ever tried to look for SEO company reviews online? They are so useless, aren’t they?! Often times, fake sites are set up by SEO companies to make it look as though some objective reviewer has looked at all the different SEO firms out there and summarized their findings into a “top 10 list.” Usually companies pay to play on these bogus review sites. It’s easy to poke holes through these sites, but much more difficult to find the big players in the industry.

SEO Is Fragmented…

The SEO industry has very low overhead expenses, aside from computer technology, software and a website. So there are many professionals working as virtual assistants, SEO experts and data miners. It’s impossible to find each and every person in the industry, since no special licenses or permits are needed to enter the field. Traditional review sites like Angie’s List, the Better Business Bureau, Yelp, Kudzu and Merchant Circle do not cover SEO company reviews like you’d expect them to.

The Best Place For SEO Company Reviews Is Still A Firm’s Website.

Any good, reputable SEO firm will include testimonials and reviews from past clients. (You can see our testimonials here!) You want to get the sense that each testimonial is a little bit different and obviously not all written by one person. You should also be able to ask for a few contacts that you can call on your own to ask about the SEO service to make sure the client’s opinion didn’t change over time. Lastly, you’ll need to look at the end results. You want an SEO company that has a trustworthy track record of first page and top five results.

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The Proof Is In The Pudding.

Ultimately, testing a company for at least 6 months will help you create your own review. You’ll want to hire someone who is responsive, good at communicating, and passionate about the business. You want to get the sense that this person will bend over backwards for you and work as if your business is his or her own. The initial phone call consultation should give you a good idea of who you’re dealing with and what they can do for you.

Before hiring someone to do your SEO work, ask:

How long have you been doing SEO professionally?

How did you learn the tools of the trade?

How would you describe your SEO process?

Do you have any other clients in my industry?

Does my site need a redesign?

Have you worked for businesses similar in size to mine?

What is the most competitive phrase you’ve ranked for?

Have any of your sites ever been banned from Google?

Do you have any guarantees for your work?

What work is included in your pricing?

These questions will help you compare apples to apples and choose a legitimate SEO company, even in the absence of proper websites offering SEO company reviews. Good luck!

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