How to Market Yourself at Trade Shows [Contributed Blog]

December 11, 2019 - 6 minutes read - Contributed Posts, Local Marketing

The Business of Becoming Known

When a business is in the beginning stages, we call it a startup. A startup will sometimes feel like it’s the new kid on the sidewalk selling lemonade. While it may have a great product to sell, good planning is required along with fresh marketing ideas to land some conversions.

When no one has ever heard of your business and what you do, your business can either recede into the background or you remain just an idea that was never shared. A startup needs to get out in public to get recognized. One of the best ways to do this is to attend a trade show. You might have come across a trade show blog for a trade show coming to your city. The trade show blog will give you information about trade shows happening and how you can rent a booth and make your presence known.

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Designing a Trade Show Booth

Designing your own custom trade show booth is a perfect way to get in the middle of the action. Renting a trade show booth at a big business trade show may be out of your financial range at the beginning, but it may be something you can save for. A product trade booth at a major business trade show could cost between $40K-60K. Before heading to the big league of trade shows, you may want to start at a local trade show where local businesses assemble. This will allow you to get your foot into the door and make a name for yourself. You can become well known by using a trade show to get to know others and to lead others to know your business.

What To Do at the Trade Show

To become recognized at the trade show, walk around and meet the owners or the workers at the different booths. Hand out a business card with all of your important information on it. Invite them over to see your booth and talk to you when they can. Most of the people managing these booths are excellent representatives of the brand. You will have to trade information with these other booths, especially all the ones that are marketing similar materials. 

When you come to a trade show, you will usually get a map with the names of all the booths and what companies are represented. Visit a few select booths that you believe would make good headway into the market you want to advertise in and try to make a good impression on them. Do not waste their time since they will be under lots of pressure to meet as many people as possible. However, do not lose the opportunity to reach as many instrumental people as possible. For example, if you are marketing different items for dogs and cats, and you are at a canine accessory trade show, you could potentially meet hundreds of possible clients.

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Making a Pitch

When you make a pitch to the vendors, know your business thoroughly and what you are offering. If you’re at a canine show and the item is specifically for dogs, let your clients see the features. Tell them how much your product is and why it is unique. Offer to send them a sample or give them your brochure. If you end up seeing one or two vendors twice, don’t be concerned. It only shows others what you are willing to do to draw attention to your wonderful products. 

Be enthusiastic about your business. Give your peers a chance to know all about you and your great products. Give them information that will have them wanting to buy your products. If you have one trade show that you have successfully canvased by passing out your marketing literature, it could mean the difference between your business getting off the ground that year or not.

A trade show is definitely the place to be for a new business. Get organized and find out what you need to do for the next show that comes to your city.

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